Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Texas Bayou Bassin - The Return

It has been a few months since my last trip to one of our wonderful bayous south of Houston Texas.  Normally you can't keep me off of them, but this year was a bit different than in past years.  It rained a lot in late spring and early summer which had the waters in the bayous all sorts of messed up.  Then after the worse tournament I've ever been a part of ended with only 3 fish total brought to the weigh-in; it was time for a break.  So the past few months I've been driving a long way to fish some of the lakes with the closest being over an hour's drive from my house.  I've been catching bass in the lakes but it just isn't the same as busting them good in the bayous.

Why have I decided to take a midweek and late afternoon trip to Clear Creek Bayou?  Well there are two reasons; first I have a friend in town on business from Virginia and second the water in Clear Creek is looking really fishy.   I drive across Clear Creek every evening on my way home from work and for the last week or so I've been itching to get out and try my luck.  Even though the water is looking good, we have to remember that it is still the middle of August in Texas.  That means the late afternoon is not the best time to try going fishing.  However with it being the middle of the week and school back in down here there shouldn't be many boats out there if any at all.  In fact there likely hasn't been any on the water since Sunday.  This means the bass might have calmed down some and are laying up in the shade waiting for something to swim by them for a snack.

We will be well armed tomorrow with boxes full of Santone Lure Jigs, my Throw-n-Thunder spinnerbaits as well as my XZone Lures Slammers and Swammers.  Oh and don't forget, I'll have a few boxes full of Trick Worms also.   In fact it was Trick worms that my son and used to almost break into the top 3 at our last tournament on Clear Creek.  That was the day that my son was catching them on a shaky-head and I was working them over on a drop-shot.  So in short this will be a really good test of those lures that I've not tested in the bayou, but if worse comes to worse we will have some Trick Worms to fall back on.

There is another interesting thing that occurs in late summer on the bayous and it runs into early fall.  That is sort of an annual feeding the bass have on the shad in the bayou.  If you can find the bass busting up the shad, then you can spend hours catching bass.  They may not be wall hanger bass but the numbers you can catch sure does make up for the size.  Well and then there is always that chance there is a 3-4 pounder under the schoolie bass; that is where a good swim jig comes in handy.  Oh and I got some of those awesome Rayburn Swim Jigs just for that chance.

I'll likely not get home in time to make a full report on the fishing tomorrow so watch for my report sometime Thursday afternoon or evening.

Until next time, Tight Lines and Take a Kid Fishing!

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