Sunday, August 31, 2014

Great Folks Great Baits!!!

Yesterday I drove 4 hours one way to meet the folks of Santone Lures.  Let me tell you it was worth all the time and gas as they are all awesome down to earth Texas folks!!  In fact I'd say they were better than their baits but I'm not sure if I'm authorized to give out Sainthoods or not.  Maybe I'll just say they are Saints in the Tackle Business as they really do care about their customers and make the best quality baits I've seen on the market in all my 50+ years of fishing.  That is a combination that is hard to beat, Great Folks Great Baits!!!!

The event was held at East Texas Sonar in Longview, TX and if you are in the area you owe yourself a stop by their place located at 3200 North Eastman Road.  If nothing else you will see the best selection of Santone Lures for sale that I've ever seen in a tackle shop.  We have a local shop that carries a few colors and sizes but nothing like this, it was awesome!!!

As you can see they have every color in stock and this is just the Rattlin' Jigs and Rayburn Swim Jigs.  I forgot to take a picture of the selection of Texas Finesse Jigs and Spinnerbaits. If you can't get by East Texas Sonar and your local tackle stores don't carry Santone Lures you are still in luck as you can order them from the Santone website and here is a link.  Santone Lures

I was lucky enough to win another Santone Shirt in the raffles. I also didn't spend too much money on jigs to have to worry about my wife shooting me when I got home.  But I did get two of the hot new colors in the Rayburn Swim Jigs and some more of the Texas Finesse Jigs and Piglet Shaky-Heads.
I'll be set if the weather gives me a break sometime in the near future.  If it keeps clearing like it is my son and I might have to make a trip to one of the Bayous and give these some time in the water.  One way or another I'll get some fishing in soon and get you folks a report on the bayou and also how well these bait attract the bass.

Until next time, Tight Lines and Take a Kid Fishing.

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