Sunday, August 17, 2014

Santone Lures Jigs

In my last fishing report from Lake Fayette I stated that Santone Lures was producing the best jigs on the market.  I've got some feedback asking why I feel that way about their jigs so I felt I needed to explain my position.  This might get to be a little long, but I feel I need to let all you bass fishermen in on what won't be a secret much longer.

Though Santone Lures makes other baits and jig heads I'm going to focus on their 3 main production jigs, the Rattlin' Jig, the Rayburn Swim Jig and the Texas Finesse Jig.

The first jig we are going to take a look at is the Rattlin' Jig and I'll say this is my personal favorite, but only by a Frog's Hair over the other two.  The first thing that catches your eye is the awesome colors of the skirts. They are wonderful and their action in the water is excellent but they are not the best features of these jigs.   The head on this jig is shaped perfect and when the jig is at rest on the bottom the hook and trailer will stand up presenting itself to a bass.  Twitch it a couple times and it will be fish on!!!  The weed guards are installed very nice as there is no glue mess you see in a lot of other jigs, even those from the big name companies.  The weed guard is also a perfect firmness to let you work the bait in heavy cover and at the same time not too firm to stop good hooksets.
The rattle chamber is positioned nicely on the bait and it has one of the best sounding rattles I've heard, sure to attract fish into a strike.
Now the absolute most important thing on any jig is the hook.  The hook has to be strong and sharp and in the case of the Rattlin' Jigs they are very strong and very sharp.  In fact if your braided line was strong enough you could set this hook into a house and pull it off it's foundation!!!

The next jig in the awesome Santone Lures lineup is the Rayburn Swim Jig.  The head on the RSJ is perfect as it allows you to work this bait through many types of cover without hang ups. It also has a flat side that lets you stop the bait and the hook and trailer will stand up teasing that big bass into hitting.  Again just like the Rattlin' Jig the weed guards on the RSJs are installed perfectly with no mess.  The firmness of the weed guard is a little lighter than those on the Rattlin' Jigs but are the perfect firmness you want in a swim jig!!

The RSJ also has that same super strong and super sharp hook found on the Rattlin' Jigs.  This is almost unheard of in the market as most go to a much thinner and weaker hook on their swim jigs.  I like the stout hook and I don't worry about it straightening out on me when I'm hooked up with a true wall hanger.  Also you will find at the base of the hook an additional wire trailer keeper that is very helpful in keeping bass from tearing up or stealing your trailer.  I've had them short strike grabbing the trailer but it stays and the fish comes back to get the whole bait in their mouth on the next pass.

The skirts on the RSJs is once again perfect.  They have bright colors and of the right density to give you good action but to also let you highlight a great trailer. The last thing I want to point out about the RSJ is the eyes on the jig.  It is one of the first things you see and I can bet it is one of the first things a bass notices as well.  These eyes look real to me and I also bet they look real to a bass and will draw them in for the kill, only to find themselves on the end of a very happy fisherman's line.
Last but not least is the Texas Finesse Jigs.  These little bugs are fish catching magnets when the bite is tough.  The eye of this jig is at an excellent angle for finesse fishing!!  This jig can be fished in the same manner as any Shakyhead with the added attractiveness of a wonderful skirt.  The shape of the head also makes it work well used as a shakyhead like bait.  However the thing that impressed me the most about the TFJs is the hooks.  Once more Santone Lures has put the strongest hook I've ever seen on a finesse jig.  They are stout and very, very sharp; meaning they will more than get the job done and done right.  Fact is, I have caught more bass this summer on these than any other bait, so that alone is testament to me of their effectiveness!!

There you have it folks.  These are the reasons why I feel Santone Lures has the absolute best Jig products on the market today.  They have features that you don't find on other jigs, plus the biggest and most important bonus........They Catch Fish and a lot of Fish!!!

Until next time, Tight Lines and Take a Kid Fishing!!
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