Monday, November 3, 2014

I'm a bit Excited!!!

Why would I be excited on a Monday you might ask, well I'm excited because my new custom spinnerbiat rod will be here soon.  If that doesn't cause some excitement in a fisherman's life then nothing will.  I contacted Josh with Dunamis Rods a couple weeks ago, one because I liked the looks of his rods and two because I've been having problems keeping fish on lately spinnerbait fishing.  Not sure the exact problem, but as I told Josh, it is like I'm pulling the bait away from the fish.  I tried a crankbait rod and didn't lose fish like I did with a heavier action rod so I set out to have the right rod built for my needs.

Josh has been absolutely great during this whole process.  He has spent a lot of time (hours) on the phone, email and also direct message to find out exactly what I think I need.  You don't get that when you go to Bass Pro, Academy or other sporting goods shops.  I've also contacted some other custom rod builders over the years and had a few rods built, but never have I had someone take an interest in not only what I wanted, but what I needed in a rod.  Josh could have easily just taken an order from me and built the rod I though I needed, but he didn't.  He took it to the point I have a lot of confidence that the rod he has built for me is going to be the rod that solves my spinnerbait problems.

Not only that but from the few pictures I've seen it is one pretty rod to boot, check for yourself.  Here is the fore wrap.
 Here is his very special aft coloring that I'll let him explain to you.  All I can say is it looks very awesome to me!!!
 The best part about all this is now that I'm on the Pro-Staff for Throw-n-Thunder Lures I'm going to need a great spinnerbait rod to go with their great spinnerbaits.  In fact I just received a bunch of new ones that I'm itching to get in the water very soon.
I really believe I might just have a match made in Fishing Heaven with my TNT Spinnerbaits and Dunamis Rod.   Only time will tell and I believe that time will be this Friday morning on Halls Bayou.  I'll be video taping so y'all stay tuned for the results when these two fine products and myself pit our wits against those Bayou Bass.

Until next time, Tight lines and Take a Kid Fishing!!!
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