Thursday, July 24, 2014

Slammers In Da House

Yes the XZone Lures slammers are here and will get a good testing on Lake Fayette this weekend.

Once removing them from their packaging I find they are made of a tough plastic that should be able to catch many bass before you have to change to a new one under normal circumstances.  I also found that the colors are even brighter out of the package and these should really attract some strikes at Lake Fayette.

The plan is to fish these in a Shaky-Drop configuration using a Santone Lures Piglet football shaky head at the bottom and a weedless VMC drop-shot hook about 6 inches above the Piglet.

There is a pocket at the base of a point with a grass flat in 2.5-3 foot of water that drops pretty quickly into about 8 foot of water.  It is on the east side of the lake and protected from the morning sun for a few hours and the bass like to stack there and ambush prey coming out of the grass.  So that is the reason for the weedless hook.  I plan to cast this into the grass and work it out until it drops and hold on for the hit.  

My son will be fishing a slightly different rig with one of the Slammers.  The Slammer will be used as the trailer for a Santone Lures Texas Finesse jig.  The bass are going to jump on one or both of these rigs and we had better be holding on to our rods as the baits come out of the grass.

I'll post a full report of the days fishing and hopefully this time the video camera will work correctly and I'll have some video of the XZone Slammer testing.

Until next time, Tight Lines and Take a Kid Fishing!!!

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