Monday, July 28, 2014

Slammer Review

At first I wasn't going to write a review yet on the XZone Lures Slammers.  Why you might ask, well it is because we fished them on Lake Fayette and everyone that goes to Fayette catches bass.  So I wanted to give them a try on a tougher fishing lake before writing a review.  Then after hearing all the reports of folks getting skunked or only catching a couple on Saturday at Fayette I reconsidered.  If you watched the video you can see that my son and I didn't have any problems catching bass using the Slammers Saturday morning.   We would have likely caught more at some point in the day had we not had to over work the trolling motor battery fighting the wind.

I'll score the XZone Lures Slammers on a scale of 1-10.

Bait Action -  9.9
The Slammers really resembles a bait fish as it is worked through the water and if put in front of a bass' face I don't thank they can resist not eating them.  The only reason they don't get a 10 is there isn't an artificial bait that is perfect and imitating a bait fish.  Even so these are some of the best Finesse baits I've fished and should be perfect for anyone that loves to fish a Shaky Head, Drop-shot or my favorite the Shaky-drop.

Durability - 9.5
The Slammers are made of some tough quality plastics that should last many fish.  However I did lose a couple of them early.  Even though I believe the hook I was using at first was the main cause of this I'll have to fish them a little more to see how they last.

Colors - 10
The Slammers come in some awesome colors and they are all bright and realistic, enough said!!

Availability - 5.0
Currently there aren't any stores in Texas that are carrying XZone Lures' products.  This is not XZones fault and I hope to spread the word and get some of the shops in the Houston area to think about carrying at least the Slammers.

Tackle Box Stable - 10
I can say this for a fact; I'll have Slammers in my tackle box even if I have to drive to Canada to get them myself!!!

Other Uses - 10
Living in the Galveston bay area I also do a lot of saltwater fishing and I can see these getting a lot of use.  Flounder are going to love the Slammers and I'll also bet that a lot of Speckled Trout and Redfish can also be taken on them.

Overall -  9.1
9.1 out of 10 is a great score in anyone's book, but "Availability" was the factor that dropped the score.  As I stated above that is not XZone's or the Slammer's issue.  You can order them on-line from the Tackle Warehouse and I'm sure in the near future other stores and outlets will also jump on the bandwagon.  So lets just throw out that Availability score and give the Slammers what they deserve on their own merits - 9.9!!!

Here is a link to the Tackle Warehouse where you can order Slammers and other XZone Lure products.  I'll be testing more of their products in the near future!!!

Until Next Time - Tight Lines and Take A Kid Fishing!!!

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