Sunday, April 24, 2016

Why Pay More for the "Same Thing"?

Why would you ever pay more for the Same Thing is a good question.  That is the whole idea behind the Creme Lures "Same Thing" line of soft plastics.  They are the same shape, size and style of baits you can get from other companies but they cost a lot less.  Personally I trust Creme Lures to produce the very best plastic baits.  Why do I trust them so much?  That answer is very easy, Creme Lures has always been on the cutting edge of plastic baits.  In fact it was Creme Lures that produced the very first plastic worm all the way back in 1949.  That is over 66 years ago and they are still in business.  That means they are doing something very right.

Personally I've been fishing Creme Lures products for over 50 years.  I got hooked on them as a young boy and though I've tried other plastic baits over the years, I kept coming back to Creme.  Back in my younger days I wanted to be a Pro Bass Fisherman above anything else.  I can remember seeing guys like Bill Dance with the famous Creme Logo on his shirt and fishing their baits.  I always wanted to wear that logo on my shirts, it was a symbol of bass fishing greatness.  Now that I'm on the Creme Lures Pro Staff I take pride in wearing the logo that meant so much to me as a young boy.  I also take pride in letting folks know they don't have to spend a lot of their hard earned money to fish great bass catching baits!

The whole "Same Thing" line of baits will catch you bass, but I do have my favorites.  Those would be the ST Beaver (also known as the Badd Bugg) and the ST Craw.   The only real reason these two are my favorites is because I'm a Jig Fisherman and they happen to be the very best jig trailers I've ever used.  The ST Beaver paired with a Santone Lures Rattlin' Jig has won me more money in tournaments than any other single bait.  It is just something about that "Badd Bugg" that bass just can't resist.  There are times however that even the biggest of bass don't want a big bait, so it is those times that I will switch to the ST Craw.  The Craw is a bit smaller than the Beaver and will allow your jig to sink faster and it also gives your jig a different action.  Now you don't just have to fish these two as jig trailers.  They are both very effective fished Texas and Carolina rigged as well.  In fact if I'm going to be punching mats then I go with the Beaver on a pinned Texas Rig and you had better have a rod, reel and line that can handle the monsters it will produce.

I also fish a lot of the ST Stick Baits and Ribbon Tail worms.  The Stick Bait is so versatile it can be fished just about any way you can think of and it will produce bass.  I've fished them as a jerk bait, wacky rigged and even Carolina rigged.  Now if you want some jaw jarring strikes use an ST Stick with a Lazyman Hooks under spin Cheater Hook.  They add just the right amount of weight and flash to the ST Stick that just drive the bass crazy.  The ST Ribbon Tail worm is my go-to bait when fishing a Carolina Rig.   They have two sizes of the ST Ribbon Tails, a 7" and 10" that when fished Carolina style over mid lake humps can produce some strikes from huge bass, even in the heat of summer.  I don't only use the Ribbon Tails on a Carolina Rig, they make an awesome choice Texas Rigged as well.  I rally like them Texas Rigged when fishing rock piles and drop offs or any structure where you bait will fall as it makes that tail dance and those bass just don't seem to be able to resist them when that tail is dancing!

In closing I have to ask you again; Why Pay More for the Same Thing?  Before you buy more plastic baits you need to stop and ask yourself that very question.  This is specially true when you have a great company like Creme Lures that has been producing plastic baits longer than most of us have been alive.  It seems simple to me, I trust them now just like I did when I first started using their baits over 50 years ago.  I'm not the only one either, there are some very famous names out there that have been using baits from Creme Lures for a very long time.  To stay in business for over 60 years you have to be doing things right, and let me tell you Creme Lures plastic bait are done right, and they will save you money too!!

Until next time Tight Lines and Take a Kid Fishing!!!

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