Sunday, April 10, 2016

An Awesome Fishing Tool!!

I've been around fishing for over 50 years now and to say the least I've seen a lot of different product out there that have been very inventive and some that really don't help you.  Well I've come across a new product from the "Land Down Under" that I believe is a great tool!!  This little jewel would make an awesome addition to anyone's tackle box, but if you have kids you have to have them.  It is Ross Bain's Hook-Eze and let me tell you just like their motto says it does take the "Pricks" out of fishing!!  Not only will it teach your kids to easily tie knots it protects them during the process.  Even an old dog like me can use it and I do even during tournaments.  Now I could go through a long explanation on how it works but I don't have to as the product itself comes with great instructions.  So as they say a picture is worth a thousand works so let me just add those pictures.

As you can see from those pictures that come with the Hook-Eze, this little tool can be used for a lot of different things while you are fishing and even while you are traveling to and from fishing.  Normally I'd do a video or 2 to show you how to use this tool, but once more that has been taken care of by the Hook-Eze folks.  Here is a link to Ross Bain's YouTube Channel so you can watch all their instructional videos.  Ross Bain's Hook-Eze.   Even though I've give you a link to Ross' videos I do have to add this one video here as it really show how easy it is for kids to tie a knot with the Hook-Eze.  I couldn't have made a video that good myself even if I tried 10 or 12 times.


As you can see that young lady makes it look very easy.  Kids these days pickup so much from videos and other information off the internet that I bet your kids could take a Hook-Eze, watch that video and be able to tie perfect knots in less than 15 minutes.  Y'all should all know by now that I'm a huge advocate for getting kids fishing and this is a fun way to get them started.  So in closing, the Hook-Eze is without a doubt Bounty Hunter approved.  You owe it to yourself and your kids to get a couple of these little jewels.  Hey they would be a great birthday gift or even make great stocking stuffer for any fisherman on your Christmas list!!

Until next time Tight Lines and Take a Kid Fishing!!!

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