Sunday, January 25, 2015

Creme Lure Company - Since 1949!

That is right folks in 1949 the Creme Lure Company introduced the first plastic worm to the bassin' world.  Creme wasn't a flash in the pan they were there to stay and continue to produce quality baits for fishermen all over the world.  I'm not new to Creme Lures either as I've been fishing with them since my earliest fishing memories.  Back in 1965 with I was just 5 years old I talked my dad into buying me a Creme Rigged Worm and that evening at my grandfather's farm pond my love for Creme Lures started.  You see not only did I catch a bass on that Rigged Worm I caught a big bass for a 5 year old just starting out.
I can tell you right now that if you have a kid or grandkid just starting out fishing there is no better way to get them hooked on bass fishing than letting them throw a Creme Rigged Worm.  Lets just say you don't fix what isn't broken and after 65 years the Creme Rigged Worms and Lizards are still around and still catching fish.  Heck you don't have to be a kid to throw these and catch fish either as I'll admit I still have some Rigged Worms in my box for those tough days.  They seem to be dipped in some kind of magic fish catching sauce as when nothing else will catch fish they will.  Creme still carries a great assortment of of Rigged Worms and Lizards too.
I mentioned that back in 1949 Creme introduced the plastic worm to the bass fishing world and that worm was the Scoundrel.  Back in the early days of Bass Tournament fishing you saw legends like Bill Dance and others fishing Scoundrels as there just wasn't anything that caught bass like these worms.  Well folks after 65 years the only thing that has changed is Creme has added more colors to their awesome Scoundrel worm.  They still catch bass today just like they did when they were first introduced.  I personally have a box full of Scoundrels and I know they will catch bass for me day in and day out.
Now let me ask you if you like to throw Lipless Crank baits?  Sure you do, I don't know a bass fisherman that doesn't throw them as there are times you can fill your limit quickly on a lipless crank bait, right.  When I find bass schooling and chasing shad a lipless crank is my go to bait and I'm sure I'm not alone.  Well folks there isn't a better lipless crank than the Creme Mad Dad Minnow.  They are the only Soft, yes Soft lipless crank bait.  They have an action and feel that make the bass think they are a real shad so they get hammered time and time again!! There is one other thing that I love about the Mad Dad Minnows and that is the color selection.  I mean to tell you folks they come in more colors than all the other lipless baits on the market put together.  I'm sure there will be colors that you will find to get those bass hitting and hitting fast.
Now if you folks are like me you have noticed the price of plastic baits going up and up.  These days it isn't nothing for a pack of plastic worms to cost $6-$8 dollars and even more in some cases.  Well I'm here to tell you that you don't have to spend that kind of money for great plastic baits because Creme has you covered.  Creme's Same Thing line of plastic baits are not only fish catching wonders they don't hurt your wallet.  At only $1.99 a pack these baits really pack a punch for your hard earned money.  I'm not just say these baits are cheap, I'm saying they are cheap and they catch fish and lots of fish.  I used them just last weekend to win my first tournament of 2015, so I trust them day in and day out even under tournament conditions to get the job done for me!!  Here take a look at what they have that is available in the Same Thing line, you will love them as much as I do!
Creme hasn't stopped their innovative ways either, no they are still working on new baits that will help bass fishermen of the 21st Century catch more and bigger bass.  One of these new concepts is their Scremer Series of baits.  You have the 7 inch long Scremer that is the next generation plastic worm and the 5 inch Reel Scremer which is the Swim Bait of tomorrow that you can fish today.  Both of the Scremers are awesome in my opinion and will catch bass and big bass.  The Reel Scremer has quickly become my favorite Swim Jig trailer and if you know anything about me, you know I love fishing Swim Jigs.  I demand a great trailer for my Swim Jigs and the Reel Scremer has more than filled that role for me.

Well there you have it folks, some of my favorite Creme Lure Company baits.  These however are not the only fish catching baits available from Creme.  No Creme has more bass catching baits, not to speak of baits that catch crappie, trout and other panfish.  They even have a saltwater line of baits that also get the job done for you.  Creme might be over 65 years old but they are here to stay and still on a mission of helping folks like you and I catch fish.  The next time you decide to get some baits you really need to look at Creme Lure Company.  They have the baits that will put fish in the live well of the weekend and tournament fisherman alike.

Until next time, Tight Lines and Take a Kid Fishing!!

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