Friday, June 20, 2014

Fishing Friday Report

Hall Bayou looks beautiful in this picture I took but he water is still very stained.  If you go far enough north it turns from the tea color to more of a muddy color.  I found a few fish where the color transition was located, but not enough to take the time to edit a video.  None of them were very big and there was only one that would have been a keeper.  There are millions of inch long shad swimming the bayou and I have a feeling the bass are stuffing themselves on these shad then going and napping the rest of the day.  There are also hundreds of gar swimming around and they did some damage to some of my baits today.  I go a hook in one that was way too big for my spinning tackle and of course that was after the camera battery die.   It doesn't look great for the tournament here next weekend, but I'm sure someone will find them and win.  At least we know where we can put a few good ones in the boat, if we can get there first.

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